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Webinar: At the Edge of Opportunity – How Edge Computing Will Unlock New Frontiers of Gaming

5G Event and Webinars
Date : 2021-1-26

The rising popularity of cloud gaming has not only endured the global pandemic, but also enticed new industry players to join the evolving market. The advent of 5G promises to disrupt and elevate gaming to new heights and push the experiences to new edges.

Edge computing has enabled a revolution in gaming, bringing data processing and storage much closer to mobile users and unlocking immersive gaming experiences. The emerging technical opportunities offered at the edge have inspired new market participants and platforms in the gaming ecosystem.

Citing research from the InterDigital and ABI Research white paper “Cloud Gaming: Enabling A Next Generation Gaming and Streaming Paradigm,” this webinar will unpack the ways edge computing will change the way games are made, enhance the gaming experience through new technologies, and explore new market participants eager to shape a new frontier for cloud gaming.


Featured Speakers


Bob Gazda
Senior Director, InterDigital


Robert (Bob) Gazda is a Senior Director in the Technology Evolution and Prototyping group of InterDigital’s Wireless Networking Lab. Bob is an accomplished engineering professional and technologist with over 20 years of industry experience in wireless telecommunications, networking, and embedded systems. Currently at InterDigital, Bob is leading research and innovation focused on 5G and 6G Network Architectures and Edge Computing.



Raheel Khalid
Verizon / Envrmnt


Raheel Khalid is a game industry and mobile operating systems veteran that serves as the Chief Engineer for Verizon Labs Extended Reality division. Using years of experience in building large scale game engines and graphics platforms he architected and set the technical vision for Verizon’s future in XR streaming services and graphics based edge computing.



Mathieu Duperre
CEO, EdgeGap


Mathieu has been working for over 19 years in the service providers industry, taking various roles between engineering and deployment, to sales and consulting services. During his time at Cisco Systems, he discovered the power of edge computing and the possibilities such infrastructure was going to allow. He then decided to launch a startup in edge computing emerging market. His background as a software developer and architecture helped him create a unique solution for the online video games industry, leveraging upcoming edge infrastructures to defeat the number one problem for gamers, lag.


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