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Using Big Data Analytics for Better Network Insights in the Cloud Era

Date : 2019-12-10

Date: 10th December
Time: 3pm UK Time
A wide choice of Internet applications and services and ubiquitous connectivity across all devices are changing how online content and OTT video are consumed. Service providers need better insights into what is happening throughout their network — most importantly in the “first mile” — to optimize the delivery of their own and OTT services, and ensure premium customer experiences for both.
In this webinar, we will examine current OTT trends and service provider approaches, and how big data analytics can help provide real-time, multi-dimensional, subscriber-level insights for network optimization and marketing/service planning.
Key topics include:
• New customer expectations in the era of the cloud, 5G and IoT
• The era of CDNs, multiple OTT subscriptions and service provider –- OTT partnerships
• The importance of understanding what is going on in your network and on the Internet
• Big data-based analytics for deeper network, service and subscriber insights
Kevin Macaluso, Vice President, General Manager – Nokia
Rob Malan, Head, Product Development – Nokia
Jim Hodges, Chief Analyst – Heavy Reading