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Using Automation to Simplify Bimodal Operation in NFV Clouds

Date : 2019-03-13

It’s no secret that network functions virtualization (NFV) holds great promise for telecommunications service providers. NFV helps businesses move beyond traditional, proprietary hardware to achieve greater efficiency and agility, while reducing operational costs.
However, as service providers undergo digital transformation they face a whole set of challenges, including operating a new virtualized network, focusing on customer experience more than before, and providing high reliability and availability for upcoming services. To harness the capabilities that NFV has to offer, service providers not only have to simplify operations, but also increase the speed at which digital services can be deployed and managed. To support this, automating and orchestrating complex processes across multiple domains and functions is critical.
In this webinar, we’ll demonstrate how automation can simplify bimodal operation in NFV clouds. You’ll walk away with an understanding of…
Old approach versus the new
The impact of automating it on cloud compute versus bare metal
What new mindset is needed to be successful (Traditional versus DevOps)
Thomas Waldrop, Director, Consulting Services – Red Hat
Wei Shi, Intelligence Content Manager -Telecoms.com