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Using Automation to Accelerate VNF Onboarding

Date : 2018-11-06

Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV) has been a hot topic within the telecommunications industry for several years and many early adopters now have NFV workloads in production for a portion of their overall network traffic and business services.
While this herculean achievement is one that telecommunications service providers (SPs) should treat as cause for celebration, it represents only a small step in their NFV transformational journey.  Once live, operators face the challenge of operationalizing their VNF onboarding processes and automating the testing and deployment, all in the face of limited resources within an industry that is still in the process of developing its skillset. Consequently, time to market remains slow for VNF functionality.
How can we take advantage of the real benefits of the NFV environment to achieve a lower cost and more profitable and responsive ecosystem, and increase customer satisfaction?
What are the issues with and blocks to scaling an NFV program?
How can Red Hat Consulting and Luxoft help operators to accelerate NFV adoption in their environments?
Shadi Kurmush, Senior Engagement Manager – Red Hat
James Hopson, Product Manager, Digital Enterprise – Luxoft
Daniel Eagers, Territory Services Manager – Red Hat
Wei Shi, Intelligence Content Manager – Telecoms.com