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Using Ansible to Manage Networks & Kubernetes Applications

Date : 2019-10-15

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Network Equipment Providers (NEPs) are engaged with communications service providers (CSPs) in a variety of areas.
NEPs’ offerings for CSPs include custom hardware/systems, VM and container-based software applications and platforms, and value-added services including design, operations and support. For these dynamic and complex networks and offerings, the importance of automation has dramatically increased.
Ansible is an open source IT configuration management, deployment, and orchestration tool. It provides large productivity gains to a wide variety of automation challenges and can perform the orchestration of complex multi-tier workflows and can assist in application software deployment.
Two areas of note for Ansible use are for network automation and to manage the deployment of container applications. In the first, Ansible’s task-based, agentless nature makes it easily applicable to the networking space, and support is included with Ansible for automating networking from major vendors.
Another important use of Ansible is to help simplify deployment, management, and operations of stateful applications in Kubernetes container clusters. This is done using Kubernetes Operators which can be mostly easily written using Ansible. Kubernetes Operators are Kubernetes-native applications that use a standard API. Join this webinar to learn about the benefits of using Ansible for NEPs and how you can get started quickly.
Brian Monaghan, Solution Architect – Red Hat
James Crawshaw, Senior Analyst – Service Provider IT and Automation – Heavy Reading
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