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The Red Hat OSS/BSS Webinar Series 2019

Date : 2019-10-23

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Introduction to Modernizing OSS/BSS With Microservices-Based, Cloud-Native Architectures
As both mobile networks and the number of connected devices grow, delivering consistently high network performance becomes increasingly difficult. Red Hat Consulting delivers supported open source technology that enables digital service providers to create solutions that increase automation and agility in network management and business operations, improving customer experience and opening the way for innovation.
By standardizing on open source technology, operations support systems and business support systems (OSS and BSS) can better address the continuous integration challenges of evolving software architectures, and software vendors can evolve more quickly and efficiently to deliver cloud-native architectures that CSPs want.
In this webinar, we’ll define paths to modernization, platform flexibility, and management and automation across:
• Microservices architectures
• Development methodologies
• Automated CI/CD pipelines
Automate OSS/BSS to Drive Innovation & Reduce Operating Costs
Red Hat Consulting delivers supported open source technology and adaptable solutions for digital service providers to increase both automation and agility in network management and business operations. In this webinar, we’ll discuss the ways business process automation fuels innovation across the OSS and BSS spectrum and provide real-world case studies on:
• Service provisioning
• Modern fleet management
• Ticket routing and resolution
Agile Integration for OSS/BSS Flexibility, Reusability & Scale
Red Hat Consulting’s application programming interface (API)-centric approach to integration addresses these issues to create modern, flexible solutions across old and new systems. During this webinar, we’ll discuss an agile integration framework that can wrap legacy systems to deliver new interfaces and combine these with new, container-based architectures of evolving OSS/BSS environments to deliver highly flexible, holistic solutions.
Topics include:
• Modernizing OSS/BSS integration architectures
• Inventory federation
• Trouble ticketing systems synchronization
Transforming OSS/BSS From Monoliths to Cloud-Native Applications
During this webinar, we’ll provide a forecast of this transition in OSS and BSS markets and outline the technologies and common platforms that will enable the evolution to modern, cloud-native, web-scale products and services.
This session is aimed at planners, architects, and developers who build, integrate, or implement OSSs and BSSs, including Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), Systems Integrators (SIs) and Communications Service Providers (CSPs).