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The Future of Virtual Agents in the AI Era

Date : 2017-11-29

This Telecoms.com webinar, presented jointly by Forrester & Amdocs, provides an extensive analysis of the current state of virtual agents at communication and media service providers. It will introduce key industry trends in the area of artificial intelligence in general and chatbots in particular, analyze how service providers are investing resources to take advantage of these technologies, and look at how service providers are perceived in the eyes of the customer. We’ll then close with clear recommendations of what service providers need to do to better meet their customers’ needs and expectations. The main insights from this session are drawn from a recent global study of more than 7,000 consumers and 30 decision-makers at leading (Tier 0-2) service providers worldwide.
Scott Bicheno, Editor – Telecoms.com
Kate Legget, VP, Principal Analyst Serving Application Development and Delivery Professionals – Forrester Research
Jennifer Wise, Senior Analyst Serving Customer Experience Professionals – Forrester Research
Roni Dvir, Digital Intelligence Manager – Amdocs