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The Future of Customer Care in the AI Era

Date : 2018-03-20

In this digital transformation era, customer care centers in telcos will be heavily influenced to optimize operations and to empower their agents and their customers through the power of AI.
This Telecoms.com webinar, presented jointly by Microsoft and Amdocs, will review the current state of customer care centers at communications and media providers today and will provide a view of the future of customer care for telcos.
We will discuss how AI can enable telcos to provide proactive, personalized and contextual engagements, in human-assisted as well as in self-service channels, resulting in cost reduction, increased customer satisfaction and reduced churn.
Scott Bicheno, Editorial Director – Telecoms.com
Roni Dvir, Digital Intelligence Manager – Amdocs
Nate Yohannes – Director of Strategy & Business Development – Microsoft