Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

Raising the Bar for NFV Security

Date : 2019-03-27

The Telco network must become more agile and programmable to support new business models enabled by 5G and network slicing. By bringing virtualization, automation, and orchestration, NFV (Network Functions Virtualization) is going to play an important role in this network evolution. However, sharing resources (compute, memory and storage) on a common infrastructure cannot happen at the expense of reduced security.
In this webinar, we focus on how the partnership between ATOS and Red Hat is helping to raise the security bar even higher by providing a secure NFV foundation which leverages the ATOS Hardware Security Module (HSM) and Red Hat OpenStack Platform (OSP) for key management.
At the end of this webinar, you will come away having learned more about:
Building NFV on a secure foundation
OpenStack Key Management use cases
Using an HSM for key management
Noémie Vasche, Cybersecurity Business Developer – ATOS
François Duthilleul, Senior Solutions Architect – Red Hat
Ade Lee, Security Team Leader – Red Hat
Jamie Davies, News Editor –