Tue. Mar 5th, 2024

Network Slicing – The Key to Driving 5G Revenues

Date : 2019-09-12

Network slicing enables operators to offer slices of networks with their own characteristics, such as guaranteed quality of service or defined low latency. This opens up opportunities to sell specific services to different groups / sectors. These can include untapped sectors such as enterprise IoT, healthcare, gaming and many more.
Join this webinar to learn:
How template ‘blueprints’ can enable ease of setup and even automated realisation and monetisation of network slices
How the same blueprint can be used for different slices catering for multiple different sectors – gaming, MIoT, healthcare, etc
How automated SLA management, using 5G network functions to provide closed loop analytics to measure, can assure and automatically fix any network slice problems in real-time
Niall Byrne, VP Network Strategy – Openet
Wei Shi, Intelligence Content Manager – Telecoms.com