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Network Data Monetization – Get There Faster with AI

Date : 2019-04-23

The global digital ecosystem is being re-defined around emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, blockchain, etc. These ecosystems add new dimensions to the increasing volume, speed and nature of data capture and advanced analytics capabilities. To get an edge, leading telcos are heavily investing in analytics engines and capabilities to get structured customer insights. This will help them to improve their core business by offering more targeted products and services and hence elevating the end customer experience. To delve deeper into this, join us for an informative webinar where Shrirang Bapat, CTO – Software Business, Sterlite Tech will explain:
How data has always been there … but now telcos are ready to capitalize on the opportunity.
Why networks will continue to play a pivotal role in the digital ecosystem … and CSPs will continue to build, manage and run the networks.
How data is not the “new oil”, rather it is the real world Vibranium and can be put to use in multiple ways.
How network data helps you better understand your customer and can be leveraged to offer more customer-centric solutions.
How AI-ML can be put to use to accelerate the Data Monetization Process.
Shrirang Bapat, CTO – Software Business, Sterlite Tech
James Crawshaw, Senior Analyst – Service Provider IT and Automation, Heavy Reading