Tue. Mar 5th, 2024

Multi-Vendor 5G Core: Best-in-Breed Subscriber Data Management

Date : 2020-07-21

The evolution from 4G to 5G leads to an architectural overhaul of the network, requiring operators to rethink how they manage data coming, going, and moving through the network. The introduction of a 5G core architecture also means that operators can use a multi-sourcing strategy to improve flexibility and cost-efficiency of their overall solution.
This webinar addresses key issues in the transition to cloud native 5G core, with a particular focus on data management in a multi-vendor environment.
This webinar will explore:
The benefits of a cloud native 5G core
How operators can avoid vendor lock-in, today and in the future
How to leverage a multi-vendor approach for robust 5G data management
Common interworking scenarios between 5G core and 4G core