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Mobile Data Trends 2021

5G Event and Webinars
Date : 2021-1-26

Join Telefónica, AT&T, and an exclusive all-star panel including ABI Research, Analysys Mason, Strategy Analytics, Tutela, and Rootmetrics to discover the trends impacting operators in 2021.

Join experts from ABI Research, Analysys Mason, Strategy Analytics, Tutela, Rootmetrics, and Enea, as well as Tier 1 operators Telefónica and AT&T, and hear their best operation practices from an eventful year. Learn how these industry leaders are preparing to face 2021, and hear how to prepare for the opportunities and challenges mobile operators will face in the coming year.


Register now to learn about: 

  • The lasting legacy of coronavirus on mobile networks — success strategies for 2021, how the shift has impacted remote working operators, and the timeline for 5G devices.
  • New encryption in 2021 — Why operators must get ready for stricter encryption: SNI, DoH and DoT, the dangers these pose to managing subscriber Quality of Experience (QoE), and how harmful content can reach subscribers.
  • Benchmarking and user experience — Hear from the benchmarking specialists Tutela and RootMetrics how operators can manage traffic and lead the way for a superior subscriber experience.
  • Cloud gaming on 5G —  Learn about delivering gaming at the edge, network slicing, and collaboration strategies, and take advantage of the surge in cloud and 5G-based gaming.

Speakers include: 

  • Tom Cannon, Lead Principal Technical Architect AT&T
  • Dr. Diego Lopez, Global CTIO Office, Telefónica & Chair of ETSI ISG Group of NFV
  • Chris Mills, Head of Industry Analysis, Tutela
  • Kevin Hasley, Chief Executive Officer, RootMetrics
  • Dimitris Mavarakis, Research Director, ABI Research
  • Gorkem Yigit, Lead Analyst, Analysys Mason
  • Phil Kendall, Exec Research Director, Strategy Analytics
  • Indranil Chatterjee, Chief Customer Officer, Enea


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