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Introduction to Modernizing OSS/BSS With Microservices-Based, Cloud-Native Architectures

Date : 2019-09-25

Date: 25th September
Time: 5pm UK Time
As both mobile networks and the number of connected devices grow, delivering consistently high network performance becomes increasingly difficult. Red Hat Consulting delivers supported open source technology that enables digital service providers to create solutions that increase automation and agility in network management and business operations, improving customer experience and opening the way for innovation.
By standardizing on open source technology, operations support systems and business support systems (OSS and BSS) can better address the continuous integration challenges of evolving software architectures, and software vendors can evolve more quickly and efficiently to deliver cloud-native architectures that CSPs want.
In this webinar, we’ll define paths to modernization, platform flexibility, and management and automation across:
• Microservices architectures
• Development methodologies
• Automated CI/CD pipelines
Dr. Mark Mortensen, Principal Analyst for Communication Software – ACG Research
Freddy Montero, Architect, Container Practice – Red Hat
Deven Phillips, Senior Consulting Engineer – Red Hat