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HPW Webinar
Date : 2021-1-19

In this webinar series, we examine some of the practical aspects of using a true, from the ground-up, cloud-native 5G Core: initial rollout, automated configurations, gradual change management, and integration with existing systems.

HPE’s 5G Core Stack is an open network core solution that is cloud-native from the ground-up.


1. Day 0 and Day 1 – Deployment, instantiation, and testing automation

19th January 2021 17:00 CET / 8:00am PST

In this webinar, the first in a series on 5G Core practices, we discuss the rollout of 5G Core, from preparation and provisioning to instantiation and validation of slices and services. We demonstrate various scenarios using HPE’s 5G Core Stack, an open network core solution that is cloud-native, and cover the following points:

  • Cloud-native 5G – hype and reality
  • Principle options for introducing 5G Core
  • Openness and Time-to-market considerations
  • Automation via standards and tools
  • 5G Core demo: from 0 to 100 in 1 hour
  • Live Q&A


2. Continuous change management and automation with CI/CD

16th February 2021 17:00 CET / 8:00am PST

As the telecoms industry begins to deploy standalone 5G, this webinar will focus on how to implement changes in cloud-native core networks. It will examine CI/CD (continuous integration and delivery) methods and the related challenges and show a hands-on demonstration using the HPE 5G Core Stack. Discussion topics will include:

  • CI/CD and 5G – hype and reality
  • How to align a 5G core with CI/CD principles
  • Managing change in 5G – between network functions, lab and production environments
  • Multi-vendor 5G – managing change across independent sources
  • Security and change management
  • 5G core demo: Automatic change processing
  • Live Q&A


3. Cloud-native 5G core practices –Operations and observability at massive scale

16th March 2021 17:00 CET / 8:00am PDT

Cloud-native 5G networks will generate far more operational data than their predecessors. Massive volumes of valuable insights must be collected efficiently, integrated with OSS systems and correlated across networks. This webinar will explore the observability challenges in a cloud-native network, before considering the tools and practices for a graceful evolution of existing processes. Discussion topics will include:

  • The scale of the cloud-native data challenge
  • Observability in a truly virtualized environment
  • The transition from an EMS (element management system) to network function, slice and slice subnet management systems (NFMF, NSMF, and NSSMF)
  • Integration with an existing OSS
  • Tools and practices: Jaeger, Telegraf, Kibana, Grafana, Confluent, Kiali, and more
  • 5G core observability: obtaining a rich, consolidated, consistent view
  • Live Q&A



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