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How to improve project collaboration between vendors and CSPs

Date : 2020-05-12

Date: 12th May
Time: 2pm UK Time
This webinar explores how communications service providers and their engineering vendors are adapting their businesses to leverage collaboration so they can increase the velocity of their projects and accelerate the delivery of services. Whether it is a CSP that works with multiple vendors to deliver projects (1:X), or multiple vendors collaborating to bring a best-of-breed solution to a CSP (X:1), breaking down data silos is key to creating collaborative efficiencies and providing managerial visibility. The presenters will discuss:
The collaboration required by vendors and CSPs to establish more partnership-like roles
Cloud-based applications that help to create a digital foundation for supporting other enterprise operations, reporting, and scheduling
Michael Measels, Vice President of Product Management – 3-GIS
Josh Chris, Director of Engineering Services – 3-GIS
Wei Shi, Intelligence Content Manager – Telecoms.com