Tue. Mar 5th, 2024

Deploying PON in a Pandemic World

Date : 2020-06-25

If challenges bring with them opportunities, then the COVID-19 pandemic has certainly brought plenty of opportunities for broadband technology, and especially for PON. Since the pandemic struck in full force earlier this year, service providers have seen traffic surge 20% or more on both the upstream and downstream sides of their broadband networks.
How are savvy service providers turning these hefty bandwidth challenges into promising opportunities? Which PON technologies are they choosing to deploy and why? And what are they doing differently in this “new abnormal” environment to ensure that their subscribers enjoy the quality-of-experience they not only expect but must have?
Join Light Reading and Calix for answers to these questions and more in an upcoming webinar. During this session, we will discuss:
What is the best PON technology for your applications?
Has deploying PON changed in today’s new world?
What do you need to ensure your subscribers can meet the needs of all the people now living, working and learning at home?