Tue. Mar 5th, 2024

Cracking the Code of SDN

Date : 2018-09-27

Software is indeed eating the world and changing industries forever… in the network world now, if it’s not software defined, it’s legacy. Though widely accepted to be an industry revolution and not just the latest marketing buzzword, adoption of software and network virtualization remains lower than expected. Why are CSPs struggling to make the shift to virtualized networks? Listen to Sterlite Tech’s CEO (Software), Anshoo Gaur, as he delves deep into the reasons for the delayed adoption of SDN & NFV and articulates how CSPs can overcome these challenges going forward. This webinar will talk about:
Demystifying SDN & NFV
Where are we?
What’s taking so long?
Going forward… What could CSPs do?
Anshoo Gaur, Chief Executive Officer – Software, Sterlite Tech
Denise Culver, Online Research Director, Heavy Reading