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Convert the Invisible Roamers in Your Network Into Visible Profits

Date : 2020-06-24

Date: 24th June
Time: 2pm UK Time
Billions of smart devices are in connected homes, cars, offices, factories, cities and just about everywhere else. The opportunity to generate new revenue streams from innovative digital services has never been greater. Operators need to overcome a few challenges to develop this profitable business, for example, identification of IoT devices, which in many cases are in a state of permanent roaming, and refining the current operator’s settlement models to monetize the revenue driven by such devices.
Join this webinar to learn more about:
• Detecting IoT devices permanently roaming on your network
• Gaining better visibility and insights on your roaming traffic patterns
• Negotiating the right service levels and pricing to maximize your IoT revenue and profitability
• Settling M2M agreements easily, ensuring that there is no additional load on your finance department
• Automating, simulating, tracking and forecasting to ensure that your deals are always up to date and can be automatically settled if required
Nick Wennekers, Director Product Management – TOMIA
Robin Boswell, Director Product Management – TOMIA
Wei Shi, Intelligence Content Manager – Telecoms.com