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Catalog-Driven Approach to Transform Your Digital Core in the Business 4.0 Era

Date : 2018-09-05

Increasing customer demands and growing competition from platform/OTT players is forcing CSPs to transform. Some are launching new digital services. Others are adopting the platform approach themselves. Many are pursuing M&A to try to remain relevant.
A common goal is to ensure automated operations and agility to adapt to continuously changing market dynamics. But this can’t be achieved without transforming the digital core. Most CSPs still run rigid, legacy core systems. Those that have modernized have often ended up with heavily customized, inflexible solutions.
As CSPs migrate to the platform business model they must bundle core and partner services. A centralized product catalog plays a key role in allowing CSPs to dynamically offer third party services. Consistency in product information across all channels ensures a good customer experience pre and post-sale. A well-designed catalog can also ensure fulfilment automation.
While most CSPs realize the benefits of a centralized product catalog, migrating from the current set up can be a daunting challenge.
In this live webinar, we will share the experiences of transformation that our customers have been through, and how a next-generation, catalog-driven platform has been key to achieving their goals in the Business 4.0 era.
Niren Moharir, Head of Customer Engagements – TCS HOBS
Rick Lievano, Worldwide Director of Industry Technology Strategy, Microsoft
James Crawshaw, Senior Analyst, Heavy Reading