Tue. Mar 5th, 2024

Building a DN-Oriented 5G Core

Date : 2020-06-29

The global development of 5G is beyond expectation. By mid-April, 380 operators have invested in 5G networks, 73 of which have already commercially launched 5G services. 5G networks will not only enrich our lives with new experiences, but also become a key platform for innovation, bringing a multitude of opportunities to industries like smart port, smart grid, smart manufacturing, and others. At the same time, these new opportunities demand new network requirements, such as how to provide B2B customers with differentiated services and deterministic experiences
Key takeaways from this webinar will include among others:
What’s 5G Deterministic Networking (5GDN)? Why is the core network key to achieving 5GDN?
How is a DN-oriented 5G Core network built?
What successful cases can be replicated in the B2B industry applications based on 5G MEC?