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BSS is Being Re-Imagined – What Does this Mean to Your Business?

Date : 2017-10-25

Date: 25th October
Time: 3pm BST/ 10am EST
BSS is being turned on its head. This is being driven by telcos changing their business models and vendors evolving how they develop and offer solutions. But how does this effect the current BSS and IT operations of a telco? How can they manage through this change and meet the daily challenges and never ending requests from marketing and the business?
In this webinar we will discuss:
How microservices and DevOps reduce deployment risks and enable service providers to react quicker to market opportunities
Practical business examples of use cases that can be rapidly enabled by this new approach
How important will open source software be in the New BSS?
Competing with the webscale companies and living with legacy – how to make the most of existing systems
Gerry Donohoe, Technical Director – Openet
Martin Morgan, VP Marketing – Openet
Jamie Davies, Editor – Telecoms.com