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Bridging the Analytics ‘Trust Gap’ Within Telcos

Date : 2018-10-04

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Do You Trust Your Analytics Approach?
Analytics is not the end-goal; it’s an enabling strategy that helps drive your business goals in a sustainable and agile manner. While most organizations have adopted analytics as a key strategy, studies indicate that a majority of them are not connecting analytics to action. The Reason? A trust gap is holding back analytics adoption.
To bridge this gap, CSPs need to establish confidence in their analytics program, which requires a well-defined analytics framework along with an agile data governance model.
In this webinar, Prasad Savadi from Subex discusses about how CSPs today can adopt an end-to-end analytics framework. He will also demonstrate how Subex has worked with telecom operators to bridge the trust gap, which in turn helps them to truly reap the benefits of their data.
In the webinar you will learn:
About the trust gap and why it exists
Key elements required to address the trust gap
How Subex is helping its customers bridge the gap
Subex’s experience with telecom operators
Prasad Savadi, Director – Analytics Platform and Solutions, Subex
Wei Shi, Intelligence Content Creator – Telecoms.com