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Break Open the Treasure Chest with Network Design in 5G era

Date : 2019-10-16

Date: 16th October
Time: 3pm UK Time
Until now, telecom network design has been largely static and based on creating a one-size-fits-all infrastructure. However, the arrival of 5G brings about a new focus on specific use cases and how they can be supported. A roll out of 5G infrastructure will support a wide range of use cases with varying performance needs. Network slices will create virtual instances of a network, using the same underlying hardware, to meet each use case’s needs.
In addition, legacy network interwork with new technologies will bring more complexity that conventional design processes will not be able to deal with.
Nokia is innovating and enabling this new approach with ‘Digital Design’ for 5G use cases. The new of way of working involves network design process that is dynamic, automated, uses real-time simulation and directly impacts the technology & business KPIs. The ‘Digital Design’ process churns huge amounts of data from variety of sources to build up a ‘digital twin’ of the use case and consequently iterative process ensures a final design for the use case that meets the precise QoS & performance needs of the target use case.
But the story doesn’t end here. If you’d like to hear more about the potential for 5G to open treasure chests, please join our webinar on 16th October.
Matthias Meyer, Head of Deploy Network Design, Global Services – Nokia
Gabriel Brown, Principal Analyst – Heavy Reading