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API-Centric Agile Integration – Future-Ready Solutions

Date : 2019-10-15

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Digital business revolves around IT. Service providers are increasingly using integrated data and application programming interfaces (APIs) to better connect with their customers — and new revenue streams. Network equipment providers (NEPs) can do the same thing to boost their own business. Integrate data across your organization to gain greater insight into your customers, operations, and infrastructure. Use APIs to connect systems, applications and data sources both internally and externally. Agile integration tools can help bring your organization together and prepare you for the API economy.
Join this webinar to learn more about agile integration and the business benefits for NEPs.
Sanjay Alyagari, Principal Architect, Global Telco Technology Initiatives – Red Hat
Satish Kale, Principal Solutions Architect – Red Hat
Jim Hodges, Chief Analyst – Cloud and Security – Heavy Reading
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