Tue. Mar 5th, 2024

5G PPP Webinar – 3GPP Progress So Far: Industry Verticals and Releases 16 and 17

This webinar, held on 5 May 2020, is the first in a series of webinars co-organised by the Full5G project, with 3GPP and their market partners (5G-IA, 5GAA, 5G-ACIA, PSCE). 218 participants attended the webinar (306 were registered).


This is a practical introduction to 3GPP standardisation work for 5G enabling technologies that will benefit industry verticals. Georg Mayer 3GPP TSG Chair for Service and System Aspects (SA) and Balazs Bertenyi 3GPP TSG Chair for Radio Access Network (RAN) take newcomers through the paces on how to define and communicate new requirements and plan their contributions through a member, consensus-building approach. Michael Bahr from Siemens, 5G-ACIA and 3GPP Rapporteur presents specifications and on-going developments for 5G and IIoT while Antonio Arcidiacono, Chairman of 5G-MAG and Director of Technology and Innovation at the European Broadcasting Union show why we will see broadcasting reinvented through enhanced services and 5G standardisation.


For further information on 5G PPP, see https://5g-ppp.eu/.


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