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5G – How to Deliver on the Big Promises

Date : 2019-12-10

Date: 10th December
Time: 10am UK Time
As 5G lab testing continues apace and early service launches are happening across the globe, what can you do to understand the implications and prepare to ride the big 5G wave that’s heading your way?
In this webinar, we will level-set on what 5G is and then focus on how you can get ready to take advantage of the opportunities it will present to everyone involved in the commissioning and deployment of 5G in the field. Whether you work at a service provider, in an enterprise or you are an individual wireless or fibre contractor, you need to get ready for 5G roll-out.
Key topics include:
• What is 5G: let’s talk standards and architecture, cores and fibre
• How 5G differs from 4G and why it matters for best practice testing and monitoring
• Why automation is essential to address complexity issues, reduce OpEx and manage energy consumption
• How you can help 5G to deliver on the consumer and business promises
Paul Gowans, 5G Strategy Director – VIAVI Solutions
Ben Lavasani, Director of 5G Business Development – VIAVI Solutions
Wei Shi, Intelligence Content Manager – Telecoms.com