Wed. Oct 4th, 2023

5G and maritime – challenges and opportunities | Digital Ship webinar

Video of Digital Ship webinar hosted on Nov 17, 2020.

Mobile operators around the world currently start to deploy 5G, or the fifth generation broadband cellular networks communication.

Which new possibilities will 5G open in the maritime sector? What is the difference to 4G LTE and will 4G LTE still be a useful service for vessel operators to invest in?

Frank Wötzel, CTO of Sputnik24 GmbH, and Holger Ritter, Managing Director of DRYNET GmbH, explain what is possible with 4G and 5G in maritime, where the use cases and business opportunities are.

Dennis Becker, Head of IT – Operations Vessels at FRS Europe Holding has a longterm experience using ship to shore cellular services on board of different kind of ships. He brings in the case study about the usage of 4G LTE services on FRS newly opened high speed ferry line between Sassnitz/Germany and Ystad/Sweden.

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