Mon. May 16th, 2022

NYU Tandon Made Challenge: Telehealth Challenge Final Pitch Event

Incoming NYU Tandon School of Engineering entrepreneurs focus their talents on solving pressing healthcare challenges caused by COVID-19.
About this Event
Join us for the pitch event for the first of three of our NYU Tandon Made Challenges – the Telecommunication, Telehealth and Teletherapy enabled by Communications (5G) Challenge!
A panel of
Tandon professors
will judge six pitches and award a $5,000 grand prize to one undergraduate and one graduate student team.
The NYU Tandon Made Challenge is an innovation competition and opportunity for all incoming NYU Tandon students, both undergraduate and graduate, to be engrained in the entrepreneurial culture at the school. Student teams will focus their immense talents on solving pressing healthcare challenges during and after the COVID-19 crisis — and to potentially see their solutions brought to market.
The series of challenges started on June 1, and each challenge will run for two weeks, beginning with Zero Contact Hardware. Each challenge has a $10,000 prize pool split between the undergraduate and graduate winning teams of each challenge, with $30,000 total awarded over the summer.
Webinars on the topics and team formation will occur throughout May and during each challenge, allowing students to learn from industry experts and engineering leaders while coming together to form lifelong bonds with other incoming and current NYU Tandon students. To register and learn more about the challenges, please visit the
NYU Tandon Made Challenge website
Whatever the concept, the NYU Tandon Made Challenge encourages you to bring it to life — quickly, collaboratively, and efficiently.
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