Tue. May 17th, 2022

LAYER123 World Congress 2020

The SDN NFV World Congress has brought together delegates from across the network ecosystem for 8 years.
Over this time, SDN and then NFV have moved from a concept to real-world implementations – all with the aim of transforming carrier networks and improving service delivery. That’s why, for 2020 and now in it’s 9th year, the SDN NFV World Congress has become the Layer123 World Congress 2020: Service Evolution Beyond SDN NFV.
Our 2020 agenda will cover all areas of network transformation and service evolution in telecoms and networking – not just SDN and NFV, but 5G, IoT, smart orchestration, network automation, and the whole range of exciting developments and applications we are seeing across the market. This means we are making the operator experience more prominent – focusing on the ‘pull’ factors from operators transforming their networks as well as the ‘push’ factors from the developers of the tech.
We’re looking past the hype cycle – focusing on the technological innovation and the business applications.
We look forward to seeing you in The Hague!