Tue. May 17th, 2022

IEEE Summit on Communications Futures

5G Event and Webinars

Vision Meets the New Reality

What does the future of communications look like? Building on the success of the previous three summits, the IEEE Summit on Communications Futures (IEEE ComFutures) continues as one of the IEEE’s premier events featuring distinguished professionals with broad expertise to present their vision of the future. The 2021 two-day virtual event, hosted by the IEEE Industry Engagement Committee, will examine the intersection of technologies with new business realities.


As before, IEEE ComFutures 2021 will focus on topics of keen interest to the local community, as well as the PTC ’21 attendees. With an event theme of “Vision Meets the New Reality,” timely and exciting topics include, but are not limited to:


  • Telecom Regulation and Economics
  • The Path to Industry 4.0
  • Technology in the Food Supply Chain: from Soil to Table
  • Learning and Working in the New Reality
  • Public Safety in the New Reality
  • Connecting the Unconnected
  • Operating Systems, Networks and Services in the New Reality
  • Adventures in the Sky
  • Future Networks: 6G and Beyond
  • Building the New Reality: Practical Applications
  • Lighting the Way to the Future
  • Optical Communications on a Global Scale
  • Mixed and Immersive Reality
  • PANEL – Vision Meets New Reality Reality: Security and Privacy in Future Networks


We invite you to join leaders and innovators from industry, government, and academia for a valuable exchange of ideas against the backdrop of the virtual PTC ’21 conference.