Mon. May 16th, 2022

Future Communications Systems – On Demand Webinar

Bringing together cross-industry international expertise around the latest communications innovations and their impact on our sector
About this Event
Communications and signalling have come a long way in the last 20 or so years. We have clearly started the journey of using modern telecommunications as part of our signalling solutions, but the telecoms industry inevitably continues to evolve at an ambitious rate.
As an industry we all need to challenge our approach to future delivery and embrace widely used concepts such as common shared networks, secure industrial clouds and move towards standardised mainline and metro communication offerings, with primary aims being safety, quality of service, affordability and keeping pace with our travelling customers’ growing demands.
Subjects & Speakers
George Clark, President IRSE
Railway signalling supplier industry perspective of the future direction of communications solutions
Russell Clarke
Shift2Rail – adaptable Communication System for all Railways
Ben Allen
TfL’s challenges and aspirations for future railway signalling and communication systems
Gary Joynes
5G evolution and beyond. What new benefits does this bring to railway communications?
Volker Ziegler
Exploiting common shared networks for safety critical applications
Alan O’Reilly
Railway signalling industry standardisation
Duncan Robb
Digitisation and technology – The People Aspect
Steve Denniss
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