Mon. May 16th, 2022

Computer Science 1st Year College Preparation

Computer Science 1st Year
College Preparation
Wk1 – Intro to Computer Science: • Various CS strands in College – CS, Computer Engineering….. • What to expect in college • What is a Software Engineer. • Jobs and roles available • My experience.
Wk2 – Intro to Programming language & OS: • Description of various programming languages and their benefits • How code is executed on a computer • Types of operating systems out there & a bit of history about them. • Why the need for different OS. – OS on phones etc.
Wk3 – Algorithms workshop: • What is an algorithm – Step by step execution • Different types of algorithms that do the same job and discuss the differences • Why the need for different types of algorithms. • Maybe design their own algorithm for a given problem (eg sorting algorithm)
Wk4 – Intro to Computer Hardware: • How a computer is made • How it works – description of various elements of a computer and their need • What is a CPU • What is memory and so on. • Logic design – gates (i.e. the lowest form of a computer) this gives a whole overview of a computer. • What’s the next steps in Computer hardware – Supercomputers + quantum computing (IBM)
Wk5 – Telecommunications: • How do we communicate with each other • Talk about fibre optics & their benefits • Talk about 5G/4G/3G … and why the evolution. • The need for 5G and other info about it. Why it is big in the news. • Telecom security and how information is sent securely.
Wk6 – Databases: • How do we store the worlds information • How databases work. Why we need to store. • How to access this info. – A brief intro to SQL query language. • How is this done securely
Wk7 – Machine Learning: • How do computers learn – Machine learning • What is AI – where is it used? • What is a neural network. – describe why it is like the human brain. • How accurate are these • What’s the next step in ML
Dates May – 20th, 27th, June 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th & July 1st
Class Time: Wednesday @ 16:00
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